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Bitts case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Bitts contextual analysis - Essay Example An absence of inspiration will make representatives lazy and reckless while a nearness of inspi...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Bitts case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Bitts contextual analysis - Essay Example An absence of inspiration will make representatives lazy and reckless while a nearness of inspiration will introduce them as lively and brimming with verve. Obligations: While each individual associated with an organization or association has certain advantages which s/he gets from working for the organization, there is additionally a lot of duties which the individual has towards the organization. Duties change contingent upon how and where an individual is set inside an organization however certain obligations like steadfastness, following organization standards and passing by the principles of the organization are required to be trailed by all individuals associated with the organization. Hypothesis X and Theory Y: These are two administration styles which were given by Douglas McGregor as a piece of his talk on the executives. Hypothesis X of the executives accept that individuals detest work and should be constrained by solid methods on the off chance that they are to stay profitable. Further, individuals need bearing and not freedom while they work. Hypothesis Y is the direct inverse of this since it recommends that individuals are normally disposed towards function as they are towards play and rest. Also, individuals discover fulfillment in work and will utilize creative mind, imagination and their own aptitudes to take care of business related issues on the off chance that they are permitted to function however they see fit, (2005). There are a few issues which are being looked by Bitts of which the essential issues are supposed to be; the absence of correspondences between chiefs, the administration style being followed, the coming changes in the organization/industry, and the HR related issues of the organization. With successful correspondences and following the right choices laid out in the proposals area, the organization and the executives can hope to pull out of the spot they are in by and by. Of the proposals, the first is a difference in style nearer to Theory Y, the

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Better Use Redneck with Care

Better Use Redneck with Care Better Use Redneck with Care Better Use Redneck with Care By Maeve Maddox A man talking in a city executive gathering in my town this week stumbled into difficulty for utilizing the word redneck. He was contending that contracting city assets would be better spent on keeping up the neighborhood link get to channel than on Christmas lights in the town square. He worked up a tempest of dissent when he alluded to the city representatives setting up the lights as generously compensated rednecks. The turmoil made me consider this term, one of my least most loved gathering designators. To the extent I can decipher the keeps an eye on comments, he needed to pass on the idea that the link channel, as a methods for conveying the functions of the regional government, is of more incentive than insignificant occasional showcase. So for what reason did he decide to call the men setting up the lights rednecks rather than, state, laborers? The psyche capacities in inquisitive manners. Our considerations live there in layers upon layers. Here and there what may appear as though an irrelevant word decision uncovers a layer we may not know about. The speaker came to Arkansas from California. He may not understand it himself, yet his decision of the word redneck proposes a demeanor of prevalence towards the locals. For those perusers who may not be comfortable with the term, redneck in present day American use is utilized essentially to allude to an apparent sort of Southern white individual. The term has been utilized in different settings with other potential birthplaces, however the term, as promoted by standup comic Jeff Foxworthy, presumably gets from the burned from the sun necks of open air workers. Foxworthy, a local of Georgia, can utilize the term without any potential repercussions, rather as dark funnies can pull off nigger. Contingent on who is utilizing it, the word redneck can be tame or profoundly disparaging. As utilized in down home melodies, redneck conveys an implication of pride alongside the attributes of enthusiasm, confidence in God, dignity, and autonomy. This sort of redneck most likely drives a pickup truck and claims a firearm. Hes not terrified of difficult work and would prefer to go hungry than acknowledge noble cause in any structure. He questions overeducated individuals and inclines toward the nation or modest community to the city. As utilized by untouchables, redneck appears to have supplanted hillbilly as a word to generalization Southerners. As a term of slander, a redneck not just drives a pickup and possesses a weapon, he is noisy, regularly alcoholic, uninformed, narrow-minded, xenophobic, and trashy. He dresses like a good-for-nothing, talks with a southern highlight, fills his yard with garbage, and has no energy about the better things of life. The term has its uses, both in discussion and recorded as a hard copy, yet it very well may be unstable and is best utilized with care. Youll find additional data about redneck and different terms frequently applied from a derogatory perspective to Southerners here (Update: page not, at this point on the web). Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Expressions class, check our mainstream posts, or pick a related post below:Apply to, Apply for, and Apply withEmail EtiquetteNominalized Verbs

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Hesitations about Choosing MIT

Hesitations about Choosing MIT A couple days ago in the blogger slack, Petey sent a screenshot of a prospective 2023’s message expressing hesitation about choosing MIT. I think a lot of ppl are concerned about choosing MIT due to it being more ‘technical’ than other schools, especially those less certain about what they want to do. We were in this boat as prefrosh, and then in our freshman and sophomore year, we hopped into the “did we come to the right school?” boat. We don’t want to treat this blog as a way to directly advise you. We don’t want to say something like: if you feel X, then you will regret coming to MIT, or if you feel Y, you will definitely love being at MIT. So, instead we will talk about our journey. We hope that this will help somehow, if you are still thinking about what to do on May 1st. Let’s start with high school. For us, MIT was our dream school. We obsessively read the blogs and didn’t give another school a chance… that is, until… we got deferred. Suddenly, we were faced with the reality that we most likely wouldn’t be able to come to MIT. We had to seriously consider other schools, and for the first time in high school, we did. When we were fixated on MIT, we did not question that we would major in a STEM field, because STEM is what consumed most of our classes and time and activities in high school. But in those three months between deferral and acceptance, we found ourselves checking to make sure all the other schools we were applying to either had animation classes or art departments or both. When forced to look at other options schools that weren’t as uniquely technical as MIT it became evident to us that art was something important to us, and maybe something we’d even want to major in. Fast forward to getting accepted to MIT. We were beyond shocked and ecstatic. We Felt All The Feelings. But unlike if we had gotten accepted in December, getting accepted in March left us not automatically comMITed. We now had hesitations, because we weren’t sure if MIT would be able to support our artistic interests as much as other schools might be able to. At CPW, we scoured Activities Midway for art-related clubs, and we went to the CMS and Course 4 booths at the Academic Expo. We still felt some things were missing, like traditional art and animation classes, but we found out MIT allows cross-registration at MassArt. This, plus all the amazing people we met at CPW, convinced us to comMIT. Despite CPW’s reassurance, we did still feel that ‘did we come to the right school?’ feeling in our freshman and sophomore year. Freshman year was consumed by technical GIRs, which vastly did not interest us. And in Sophomore year, our favorite classes we’re the ones that we took at MassArt each semester. This, in summary, made us a) feel confused about what we should be majoring in and b) made us feel that we made the wrong decision coming to MIT. But, describing this side of the coin paints an incomplete picture. At the same time that our freshman and sophomore MIT classes made us feel like we messed up when choosing a college, our freshman and sophomore extracurriculars convinced us we didn’t.   From Borderline to Art Club to FAP to Art Scholars to the SAA, we completely immersed ourselves in the Arts at MIT! These activities shaped our first two years at MIT more than any classes could’ve. The people we met through these communities, who felt similarly in this regard to us, and the projects we worked on made us so happy to be at MIT. Now, where are we? As juniors, we feel like we finally found our footing, in terms of confidence in our major, choice of MIT, and enjoyment of our classes and activities! And even though it took 5 semesters to get here, we don’t regret it.   This is our journey. We’ve had lows, questioning why we’re spending so much time on such technical and difficult psets that mean so little to us, highs, feeling so satisfied in our classes and extracurriculars, and  in betweens, feeling content but not ecstatic about our experiences here. We still waver sometimes, and have minor doubts about our college/major decisions, like when, over winter break and spring break, we do personal art for the first time in months of not. But the feeling is much more mellow now than it was in our first half of MIT. Its not perfect, nothing is; and its not like in our first half of MIT, we subscribed solely to the hate variety of IHTFP, and now we subscribe solely to the paradise variety, even if this blog may have made it seem so. Much like an unexpected rainbow after the rain, the paradise variety revealed itself, but you still see the wet pavement underneath. And likewise, when the rainbow isnt visible, you know that eventually, one day, it will be.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Changing Behavior Case Study Analysis Essay examples

Changing Behavior Case Study Analysis Baker College – PSY111 Seminar 3 Changing Behavior Case Study Analysis A client approached me because he has a serious problem with procrastination. My client has procrastinated most activities that were not comfortable or enjoyable for as far back as he can remember. Procrastinated activities include but are not limited to paying bills, doing homework assignments, making progress on assigned projects in the office, buying presents for birthdays or holidays and scheduling just about anything. Due to this undesirable behavior my client has lost a few jobs, failed out of school and is behind on his mortgage. Of all of these activities my client would like assistance with procrastination as it†¦show more content†¦The repeated pairing of the stress from arguing while paying bills strengthened the desire to avoid the situation resulting in the habitual behavior problem of procrastination. Had the stress from arguing occurred only occasionally over bills, also known as intermittent pairing (Morris, C., Maisto, 2013), then it may have been less like ly that my client would procrastinate his bill paying. In this scenario you could compare my client’s procrastination with the results from Pavlov’s experiment with his dogs. Pavlov’s experiment measured how much his dogs would salivate when food was introduced. The food and salivation were the unconditioned stimulus and unconditioned response respectively. Pavlov also rang a bell each time he fed the dogs. After some time Pavlov noticed that his dogs would salivate when the bell rang even if there was no food present. In this way the bell became the conditioned stimulus that elicited the conditioned response of the dogs salivating. (Morris, C., Maisto, 2013) Operant Conditioning: If we look at my client’s behavior from the perspective of operant conditioning then we have to determine if there were reinforcers or punishers that affected the desired, or undesired, behavior. To explain how operant conditioning could cause procrastination we first need to define reinforcers and punishers. In Operant conditioning a reinforcer is some sort of stimulus that is introduced after the desired behavior thatShow MoreRelatedChanging Behavior Case Study Analysis7120 Words   |  29 Pages Changing Behavior: Insights and Applications Annette Frahm, project manager Dave Galvin Gail Gensler Gail Savina Anne Moser December 1995 Revised June 2001 Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County King County Water Pollution Control Division 130 Nickerson St., Suite 100 Seattle, Washington 98109 (206) 263-3050; haz.waste@metrokc.gov Prog-3(12/95)rev.6/01 Introduction Have you ever tried to get a smoker to stop? A kid to start wearing a bike helmet? An aerosol userRead MoreApplied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma1712 Words   |  7 Pagesent Applied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma Joshua Stewart Kaplan University PS360- Unit 4 Assignment Prof. Chrystal Ayala June 15, 2015 â€Æ' Applied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma Applied Behavioral Analysis is a natural science that aims to systematically apply intervention processes using the behavior learning theory in order to remove or change undesirable socially significant behaviors (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007). AppliedRead MoreIncreasing Uncertainty Of The Business Environment : How Can Organizations Plan For Change?1499 Words   |  6 Pagesincredible. The environment where the organization exist is changing all the time. As well as the business environment. The business environment where the organizations exist is becoming increasingly complex , competitive and unpredictable. Changes of the business organizations have to follow the steps of the business environment. This essay will use the â€Å"PESTLE† analysis, Lewin â€Å"Unfreeze - Change - Refreeze†model, Lewin Forces Field Model and tons of case to provides and analyzes the business environmentRead MoreOrganizational Behavior1653 Words   |  7 Pages| Management of Innovation: TransAct Insurance Corporation Case Study | Prepared for: MGT1000-Term Assignment Submitted: 28 September 2011 Prepared by: 1. Introduction: TransAct Insurance Corporation Case Study â€Å"Change is the only constant said Heraclitus, Greek philosopher† (Change Management Training, 2011). This is main challenge that every business faces when they become aware of the need for improvement. TransAct Insurance Corporation (TIC) providesRead MoreEcological Anthropology And Cultural Ecologist799 Words   |  4 PagesEcological Anthropology is the study of how humans cope with problems in their environment such as survival, reproduction, development, longevity or spatial positions of people (Moran, 2008). Ecological Anthropologist and Cultural Ecologist do not ascribe to environmental determinism instead they view the relationship between humans and the environment as more possibilistic, explaining that the â€Å"process† may result in alternative behaviors (Reitz and Wing, 2008; 14). The Historical Ecological perspectiveRead MoreA Case Study of a First-grade Student1344 Words   |  5 PagesThis case study consists of a first grade student, Adam, who d isplays minimal social interaction and exhibits patterns of disruptive behavior in the form of tantrums. Although he has deficits in communication and social skills, Adam excels in completing certain tasks that are designed for upper level students. After reviewing the symptoms and the reactions he exhibits, I believe the student has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At this time, I would choose treatment options that implement behavior modificationRead MoreHealth Behavior Change Diary Template On Quitting Cigarette Smoking1530 Words   |  7 PagesHealth Behavior Change Diary Template on quitting cigarette smoking Health behavior I wish to change: Significant number of people has been addicted to the habit of smoking despite of knowing the fact that it is injurious to health. In the past, it was considered as the taboos and only adult group was habituated but currently, it is common among both adolescent and adult population. Cigarette smoking is habit of inhaling smoke of cigarette and releasing it. A study by Gong (2011, pp.48) revealsRead MoreOrganizational behavior1577 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational Behavior: An Analysis of Helm Fire and Rescue Company Introduction Organizational Behavior is referred to as the study of individuals and their relative behavior subject to the existing organizational environment. The concept applies in a diverse workplace setting in different ways and had diverse impacts to the organization. Organizational behavior field includes communication, sociology, psychology, and management. The concept is subject to both internal and external factors affectingRead MoreHow Much Exposure And Media Did The Individual Experience Before Voting Essay1649 Words   |  7 Pagessay the younger generation gets information from the internet with quick and short summaries or candidates and political issues. The indicators of research are the measure of the voting behavior, the way that voting has changed over time and the way that different age groups vote. The measure of voting behavior is observing how people in certain areas vote and if their environment helps to choose how they vote or if it is based off the way the media is shown in a certain area. In old, small townsRead MoreA Brief Note On Gender And Communication Effectiveness1403 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication Effectiveness This paper investigates gender and communication effectiveness. Communication behavior, after so much research, has been said to remain stable and consistent (Athenstaedt, Haas, and Schwab, 2004). The notion that woman are more effective communicators has been proven in previous studies such as the study of smiling and gender (Halberstadt, Hayes, and Pike, 1988) and also in the study of gender differences in interaction style and influence (Carli, 1989). Woman have always been said

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Walt Whitmans Influences - 1597 Words

There have been many influential writers that left their own unique mark on American history; one in particular that has made a significant impact is Walt Whitman. His writing styles evoke different nontraditional methods that did not coincide with the traditions of more â€Å"mainstream† American writers. He did this by establishing a pattern that utilized a lot of free verse compared to the more natural rhyme of poems, and also by describing his subject with emphasis to make the story as real as possible. He tried to subject his characters to a variety of situations, and seemed to establish a connection between body and pen. It could be said that Walt Whitman was the most influential writer during the 1900’s and contributed the most to the†¦show more content†¦Changing jobs from newspaper to newspaper was not a problem for Whitman. He was able to find an occupation regardless of the economy. He relocated from New Orleans due to the slaves that were being auct ioned in the newspaper. He could not bear the thought of such an appalling act. This newspaper published highly radical opinions and controversial topics for the time period, such as removing laws that allowed for the enslavement of African Americans. After the Civil War, he also published many pieces advocating for the equal treatment of African Americans, and an end to the discrimination they were facing. Due to his radical ideas were During the course of his career Walt Whitman struggled with his career trajectory. While he was an exceptional writer, his work was never fully appreciated until his death. Walt Whitman’s trial and tribulations led him to write of his experiences such as in â€Å"The Mississippi at Midnight,† which describes how the river captured his attention. His observations created a beautiful piece of literature that encompasses the river. One of the verses that reinforces his writing style is â€Å"Oh tireless waters! Like Life’s quick dream onward and onward even hurrying like death in this midnight hour you seem, life in your chill drops greedily burying†( Whitman, The Mississippi), stating that life is too short and that it can be extinguished ever so quickly. Being captivated by the Mississippi river,Show MoreRelatedWalt Whitmans Influences1411 Words   |  6 PagesWalt Whitman’s influence to American Literary History After the Civil War, Walt Whitman realized that the American people were in need of their own identity. Therefore, he wrote the book â€Å"Leaves of Grass† with the goal of creating a literature piece that was authentic and organic to the United States in every sense. Whitman introduced to literature the idea of the â€Å"American Dream† and highlighted how important it was for the American people to develop their own identity. Consequently, he rejectedRead MoreEssay about American Influences of Walt Whitman1476 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Influences of Walt Whitman In his poems and life, Walt Whitman celebrated the human spirit and the human body. He sang the praises of democracy and marveled at the technological advances of his era. His direct poetic style shocked many of his contemporaries. This style, for which Whitman is famous, is in direct relation to several major American cultural developments. The development of American dictionaries, the growth of baseball, the evolution of Native American policy, and the developmentRead MoreWalt Whitman Poetry Essay1685 Words   |  7 PagesWhitman’s Contribution to American Identity Walt Whitman’s portfolio of poetry was a crucial staple in the American identity. Whitman used his poetry to contribute to the evolution of self-reliance, human freedom and concepts of democracy. These influences can be seen throughout all of his poems, but more relevantly in â€Å"Song of Myself†, â€Å"For You O Democracy† and in â€Å"Live Oak, with Moss†. After analyzing these works thoroughly, Whitman has undeniably aided in the development of American identityRead MoreI Too Sing America Analysis852 Words   |  4 PagesSinging America Langston Hughes has cited Walt Whitman as one of his greatest influences he has had, and some believe that Hughes wrote I, Too, Sing America in response to Whitmans I Hear America Singing. Hughes builds on to Whitmans poem by writing his poem along the same lines and basics as Whitmans. Both poems talk about the way people work hard, how they sing America, and the way they are so content and never complain. All the characters work all day and they sing America, meaning theyRead More Individuality in Whitmans Song of Myself Essay1260 Words   |  6 PagesIndividuality in Whitmans Song of Myself During a lecture in 1907, William James said the philosophy which is so important in each of us is not a technical matter; it is our more or less dumb sense of what life honestly means. It is only partly got from books; it is our individual way of just seeing and feeling the total push and pressure of the cosmos (Bartlett 546) Individuality has been a prevalent theme in every type of literature for quite some time. Whether it is a character discoveringRead MoreWalt Whitman Spontaneous Me1530 Words   |  7 PagesWalt Whitman â€Å"Spontaneous Me† â€Å"Walt Whitman revolutionized American Poetry† (Norton 2190). A statement made by many, in which the American society can agree upon. His bold style of writing grasps the reader into a world where nature and sexuality meet. Whitman’s collection entitled Leaves of Grass was published in 1855 to a nation barely accepting of new ideas (Oakes). During the time of slavery and great religious value, Whitman’s pieces were considered immoral, traitorous and were often bannedRead MoreWalt Whitman And Allen Ginsbergs Poetry1332 Words   |  6 Pagesyour inner moonlight; don t hide the madness. You say what you want to say when you don t care who s listening.† Walt Whitman was a brilliant writer of his time, a writer that created a voice for the masses to no longer be a mass, but an individual. He was truly a pioneer of his generation, a revolutionary in thought, and this is not his quote. Due to his paralleled lifestyle to Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg learned a nd drew inspiration from such works as â€Å"Leaves of Grass† to apply towards his ownRead MoreAllen Ginsberg, A Supermarket in California Literary Analysis1669 Words   |  7 Pageshero and influence, Walt Whitman. This piece was an experiment of style and theme that would later dominate his career (Pagnattaro 1). It seems that the use of Whitman in this poem is a device, which the author used to contrast Walt’s idealism with his own cynical version of reality. Ginsberg was expressing his disdain with the hypocrisy of modern American society’s â€Å"progress† and the bastardization of nature that happens as a symptom of mass consumerism. The reasons why Ginsberg chose Walt WhitmanRead MoreThe Most Uneven Great Poet By Tenney Nathanson1102 Words   |  5 PagesSoul and Body, set to them my name, Walt Whitman Walt Whitman, termed â€Å"America’s most uneven great poet† by Tenney Nathanson, is one of America’s greatest poets. Born in 1819 in Long Island, Whitman lived during an era when sexuality, especially homosexuality, a term not coined until years later, was a taboo subject not to be discussed in public. Many of his poems centered on his private and public life as well as sexualizing men, women, and objects. Whitman’s poems shaped history by bringing theRead MoreIndividuality And Free Verse in Walt Whitmans Song of Myself1524 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican dream has not always been consistent, (married with 2.5 kids, 2 cars, a dog and a satisfying job), the spirit of innovation, individuality and progress remains unchanged. The father of free verse, and perhaps the American perspective of poetry, Walt Whitman embodies these values in his life and work. First published in 1855 in Leaves of Grass, Song of Myself is a vision of a symbolic I enraptured by t he senses, vicariously embracing all people and places from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Second Foundation 18. Ghost of a World Free Essays

Trantor was a world in dregs and rebirth. Set like a faded jewel in the midst of the bewildering crowd of suns at the center of the Galaxy – in the heaps and clusters of stars piled high with aimless prodigality – it alternately dreamed of past and future. Time had been when the insubstantial ribbons of control had stretched out from its metal coating to the very edges of stardom. We will write a custom essay sample on Second Foundation 18. Ghost of a World or any similar topic only for you Order Now It had been a single city, housing four hundred billion administrators; the mightiest capital that had ever been. Until the decay of the Empire eventually reached it and in the Great Sack of a century ago, its drooping powers had been bent back upon themselves and broken forever. In the blasting ruin of death, the metal shell that circled the planet wrinkled and crumpled into an aching mock of its own grandeur. The survivors tore up the metal plating and sold it to other planets for seed and cattle. The soil was uncovered once more and the planet returned to its beginnings. In the spreading areas of primitive agriculture, it forgot its intricate and colossal past. Or would have but for the still mighty shards that heaped their massive ruins toward the sky in bitter and dignified silence. Arcadia watched the metal rim of the horizon with a stirring of the heart. The village in which the Palvers lived was but a huddle of houses to her – small and primitive. The fields that surrounded it were golden-yellow, wheat-cIogged tracts. But there, just past the reaching point was the memory of the past, still glowing in unrusted splendor, and burning with fire where the sun of Trantor caught it in gleaming highlights. She had been there once during the months since she had arrived at Trantor. She had climbed onto the smooth, unjointed pavement and ventured into the silent dust-streaked structures, where the light entered through the jags of broken walls and partitions. It had been solidified heartache. It had been blasphemy. She had left, clangingly – running until her feet pounded softly on earth once more. And then she could only look back longingly. She dared not disturb that mighty brooding once more. Somewhere on this world, she knew, she had been born – near the old Imperial Library, which was the veriest Trantor of Trantor. It was the sacred of the sacred; the holy of holies! Of all the world, it alone had survived the Great Sack and for a century it had remained complete and untouched; defiant of the universe. There Hari Seldon and his group had woven their unimaginable web. There Ebling Mis pierced the secret, and sat numbed in his vast surprise, until he was killed to prevent the secret from going further. There at the Imperial Library, her grandparents had lived for ten years, until the Mule died, and they could return to the reborn Foundation. There at the Imperial Library, her own father returned with his bride to find the Second Foundation once again, but failed. There, she had been born and there her mother had died. She would have liked to visit the Library, but Preem Palver shook his round head. â€Å"It’s thousands of miles, Arkady, and there’s so much to do here. Besides, it’s not good to bother there. You know; it’s a shrine-â€Å" But Arcadia knew that he had no desire to visit the Library; that it was a case of the Mule’s Palace over again. There was this superstitious fear on the part of the pygmies of the present for the relies of the giants of the past. Yet it would have been horrible to feel a grudge against the funny little man for that. She had been on Trantor now for nearly three months and in all that time, he and she – Pappa and Mamma – had been wonderful to her- And what was her return? Why, to involve them in the common ruin. Had she warned them that she was marked for destruction, perhaps? No! She let them assume the deadly role of protectors. Her conscience panged unbearably – yet what choice had she? She stepped reluctantly down the stairs to breakfast. The voices reached her. Preem Palver had tucked the napkin down his shirt collar with a twist of his plump neck and had reached for his poached eggs with an uninhibited satisfaction. â€Å"I was down in the city yesterday, Mamma,† he said, wielding his fork and nearly drowning the words with a capacious mouthful. â€Å"And what is down in the city, Pappa?† asked Mamma indifferently, sitting down, looking sharply about the table, and rising again for the salt. â€Å"Ah, not so good. A ship came in from out Kalgan-way with newspapers from there. It’s war there.† â€Å"War! So! Well, let them break their heads, if they have no more sense inside. Did your pay check come yet? Pappa, I’m telling you again. You warn old man Cosker this isn’t the only cooperative in the world. It’s bad enough they pay you what I’m ashamed to tell my friends, but at least on time they could be!† â€Å"Time; shmime,† said Pappa, irritably. â€Å"Look, don’t make me silly talk at breakfast, it should choke me each bite in the throat,† and he wreaked havoc among the buttered toast as he said it. He added, somewhat more moderately, â€Å"The fighting is between Kalgan and the Foundation, and for two months, they’ve been at it.† His hands lunged at one another in mock-representation of a space fight. â€Å"Um-m-m. And what’s doing?† â€Å"Bad for the Foundation. Well, you saw Kalgan; all soldiers. They were ready. The Foundation was not, and so – poof!† And suddenly, Mamma laid down her fork and hissed, â€Å"Fool!† â€Å"Huh?† â€Å"Dumb-head! Your big mouth is always moving and wagging.† She was pointing quickly and when Pappa looked over his shoulder, there was Arcadia, frozen in the doorway. She said, â€Å"The Foundation is at war?† Pappa looked helplessly at Mamma, then nodded. â€Å"And they’re losing?† Again the nod. Arcadia felt the unbearable catch in her throat, and slowly approached the table. â€Å"Is it over?† she whispered. â€Å"Over?† repeated Pappa, with false heartiness. â€Å"Who said it was over? In war, lots of things can happen. And†¦ and-â€Å" â€Å"Sit down, darling,† said Mamma, soothingly. â€Å"No one should talk before breakfast. You’re not in a healthy condition with no food in the stomach.† But Arcadia ignored her. â€Å"Are the Kalganians on Terminus?† â€Å"No,† said Pappa, seriously. â€Å"The news is from last week, and Terminus is still fighting. This is honest. I’m telling the truth. And the Foundation is still strong. Do you want me to get you the newspapers?† â€Å"Yes!† She read them over what she could eat of her breakfast and her eyes blurred as she read. Santanni and Korell were gone – without a fight. A squadron of the Foundation’s navy had been trapped in the sparsely-sunned Ifni sector and wiped out to almost the last ship. And now the Foundation was back to the Four-Kingdom core – the original Realm which had been built up under Salvor Hardin, the first mayor. But still it fought – and still there might be a chance-and whatever happened, she must inform her father. She must somehow reach his ear. She must! But how? With a war in the way. She asked Pappa after breakfast, â€Å"Are you going out on a new mission soon, Mr. Palver?† Pappa was on the large chair on the front lawn, sunning himself. A fat cigar smoldered between his plump fingers and he looked like a beatific pug-dog. â€Å"A mission?† he repeated, lazily. â€Å"Who knows? It’s a nice vacation and my leave isn’t up. Why talk about new missions? You’re restless, Arkady?† â€Å"Me? No, I like it here. You’re very good to me, you and Mrs. Palver.† He waved his hand at her, brushing away her words. Arcadia said, â€Å"I was thinking about the war.† â€Å"But don’t think about it. What can you do? If it’s something you can’t help, why hurt yourself over it?† â€Å"But I was thinking that the Foundation has lost most of its farming worlds. They’re probably rationing food there.† Pappa looked uncomfortable. â€Å"Don’t worry. It’ll be all right.† She scarcely listened. â€Å"I wish I could carry food to them, that’s what. You know after the Mule died, and the Foundation rebelled, Terminus was just about isolated for a time and General Han Pritcher, who succeeded the Mule for a while was laying siege to it. Food was running awfully low and my father says that his father told him that they only had dry amino-acid concentrates that tasted terrible. Why, one egg cost two hundred credits. And then they broke the siege just in time and food ships came through from Santanni. It must have been an awful time. Probably it’s happening all over, now.† There was a pause, and then Arcadia said, â€Å"You know, I’ll bet the Foundation would be willing to pay smuggler’s prices for food now. Double and triple and more. Gee, if any co-operative, f’r instance, here on Trantor took over the job, they might lose some ships, but, I’ll bet they’d be war millionaires before it was over. The Foundation Traders in the old days used to do that all the time. There’d be a war, so they’d sell whatever was needed bad and take their chances. Golly, they used to make as much as two million dollars out of one trip – profit. That was just out of what they could carry on one ship, too.† Pappa stirred. His cigar had gone out, unnoticed. â€Å"A deal for food, huh? Hm-m-m- But the Foundation is so far away.† â€Å"Oh, I know. I guess you couldn’t do it from here. If you took a regular liner you probably couldn’t get closer than Massena or Smushyk, and after that you’d have to hire a small scoutship or something to slip you through the lines.† Pappa’s hand brushed at his hair, as he calculated. *** Two weeks later, arrangements for the mission were completed. Mamma railed for most of the time – First, at the incurable obstinacy with which he courted suicide. Then, at the incredible obstinacy with which he refused to allow her to accompany him. Pappa said, â€Å"Mamma, why do you act like an old lady. I can’t take you. It’s a man’s work. What do you think a war is? Fun? Child’s play?† â€Å"Then why do you go? Are you a man, you old fool – with a leg and half an arm in the grave. Let some of the young ones go – not a fat bald-head like you?† â€Å"I’m not a bald-head,† retorted Pappa, with dignity. â€Å"I got yet lots of hair. And why should it not be me that gets the commission? Why, a young fellow? Listen, this could mean millions?† She knew that and she subsided. Arcadia saw him once before he left. She said, â€Å"Are you going to Terminus?† â€Å"Why not? You say yourself they need bread and rice and potatoes. Well, I’ll make a deal with them, and they’ll get it.† â€Å"Well, then – just one thing: If you’re going to Terminus, could you†¦ would you see my father?† And Pappa’s face crinkled and seemed to melt into sympathy, â€Å"Oh – and I have to wait for you to tell me. Sure, I’ll see him. I’ll tell him you’re safe and everything’s O.K., and when the war is over, I’ll bring you back.† â€Å"Thanks. I’ll tell you how to find him. His name is Dr. Toran Darell and he lives in Stanmark. That’s just outside Terminus City, and you can get a little commuting plane that goes there. We’re at 55 Channel Drive.† â€Å"Wait, and I’ll write it down.† â€Å"No, no,† Arcadia’s arm shot out. â€Å"You mustn’t write anything down. You must remember – and find him without anybody’s help.† Pappa looked puzzled. Then he shrugged his shoulders. â€Å"All right, then. It’s 55 Channel Drive in Stanmark, outside Terminus City, and you commute there by plane. All right?† â€Å"One other thing.† â€Å"Yes?† â€Å"Would you tell him something from me?† â€Å"Sure.† â€Å"I want to whisper it to you.† He leaned his plump cheek toward her, and the little whispered sound passed from one to the other. Pappa’s eyes were round. â€Å"That’s what you want me to say? But it doesn’t make sense.† â€Å"He’ll know what you mean. Just say I sent it and that I said he would know what it means. And you say it exactly the way I told you. No different. You won’t forget it?† â€Å"How can I forget it? Five little words. Look-â€Å" â€Å"No, no.† She hopped up and down in the intensity of her feelings. â€Å"Don’t repeat it. Don’t ever repeat it to anyone. Forget all about it except to my father. Promise me.† Pappa shrugged again. â€Å"I promise! All right!† â€Å"All right,† she said, mournfully, and as he passed down the drive to where the air taxi waited to take him to the spaceport, she wondered if she had signed his death warrant. She wondered if she would ever see him again. She scarcely dared to walk into the house again to face the good, kind Mamma. Maybe when it was all over, she had better kill herself for what she had done to them. How to cite Second Foundation 18. Ghost of a World, Essay examples

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Tim Winton - Belonging Speech free essay sample

The cause of his alienation appears to be physical and psychological abuse from his father, lack of caring from his school and his run down neglected neighbourhood with its â€Å"deadbeat no hoper†¦ downtrodden house in Longlands Rd, Nowheresville†. | The symbolism and scatological imagery establishes a decaying, decrepit and depressing environment, which reveals Billy’s isolation. Another evocative portrait is the internal monologue in the poem Sport in chapter one. The pain and suffering’ of soulless tyranny endured by Billy, from the old bastard his father. This technique of expletive language is used to depict the poor relationship he shared with his father he gave me one backhander I felt the blood† and his attitude toward the world hes living in. This is the first pivotal event that Billy retells, which initially demonstrates the change in his identity and belonging. | Later in the book Billy catches a train. He is uncertain where the train will take him. We will write a custom essay sample on Tim Winton Belonging Speech or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Herrick engages the reader with Billy’s significantly violent memory of his father with the forces of a fathers punch. The metaphoric terms further reveal Billys harsh living environment he is seeking to escape.   Ernies train whistle in the poem â€Å"Another crossing† symbolises the beginning of Billys new life contrasted favourably by Ernie’s ‘not bossing you around’ where Herrick uses the technique of multiple perspective. His next positive role model is Irene, Bendarat’s Librarian, who welcomes him and encourages him to borrow books. | These two characters are used by Herrick to enrich Billy’s moral parameters and direct him in his notion of identity allowing him to reach his sense of belonging. Herrick induces us to feel empathy rather than antagonism to the protagonist. This is accomplished through the intimate use of language, changing perspectives and personal anecdotes. | Growth in maturity is shown as both Billy and Old Bill show signs of growth as they help each other. Billys growth is demonstrated as he becomes a different individual from the beginning of the narrative poem showing positive thinking â€Å"sure theres hope in the world even for hobos like us. | Herrick also represents this change through his use of natural imagery and pathetic fallacy; exemplified in the poem â€Å"Hobos like us†, â€Å"Sit in the sunshine†. Old Bill’s view of the world slowly starts to change, as the protagonist reduces his consumption of alcohol and ventures to move on with his life. This is done through Herrick’s use of Motif throughout the novel of Old Bills alcoholic nature. | While Old Bill demonstrates the symbolism of A Simple Gift when he gave his keys to his old home to Caitlin and Billy symbolizing his final pivotal moment enriching Billy’s, Caitlin’s and Old Bill’s understanding of their identity, which leads to their understanding of where they belong in the world. | Tim Winton’s â€Å"The Turning† also explores this value of events that shape a persons identity and hence their sense of belonging in their world. The short story â€Å"The Turning† tells the narrative of Raelene, which reveals the notion as grand paradox, where small lives are contrasted by the immense grand scale of the world. | The use of significant events in the life of Raelene enriches her understanding of her identity and through this allows her to discover where she belongs in the world. | The character of Raelene is in an abusive relationship where she feels she is isolated from the world around her. This is exemplified by the quote â€Å"when Rae laughed at him he clouted her in front of the kids†. The colloquial language and sparse imagery allows the reader to understand Raelene’s lack of belonging. | The use of colloquialisms is repeated throughout the text, and is rich and powerfully inventive in demonstrating to the reader values of Australian society, and more specifically, values of belonging and not belonging in an Australian context. | Later in the text Raelene finds solace in meeting a couple whose relationship is affirmed on values of faith and spirituality. The juxtaposition of this relationship with her current spouse allows Raelene to discover who she really is. | Winton utilizes religious connotations and motifs in order to demonstrate this, as shown through the quote, â€Å"she has something specialâ€Å" whilst ‘Christ is holding his heart†. The use of religious intertextuality is also clear in that Winton describes the presence of a higher, spiritual power in the line â€Å"Deep down Rae sensed that she wanted something from them. †| Raelene then reflects on her newly enriched identity, as demonstrated through the motif of the snow globe. Within this globe is a symbol of her new-found religious faith, Jesus Christ. The holy figure becomes central to Raelene’s discovery of where she belongs in the world. | This is exemplified by Winton’s utilization of religious references, assonance and metaphor in the quote ‘snowed birds as the van rocked, birds like stars. ’ Through close reference to The Turning it is clear to see Tim Winton has skillfully crafted a text, which strongly demonstrates the influence of significant events on an individual’s discovery of identity, which is then revealed to allow the individual to discover where they belong in the world. |